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La Felicina

La Felicina

A land of enchantment. Unforgettable emotions

Welcome to La Felicina,
Farmhouse and Farm holding

Welcome to La Felicina!

La Felicina is a farm holding that offers overnight accommodation and breakfast for its guests. The farmhouse comprises of a selection of rooms furnished with antique decor and styled with the most modern comfort. Within a convivial environment, the guests are invited to relax and enjoy the understated elegance and coziness of this family-run business.

"The history behind La Felicina can be easily summed up by these words: love for the land, taking chances, being brave and sharing the adventure with the loved ones."


Dario Cerrato and his wife Margherita have built this homely haven to venture outside their comfort zone and to pay homage to the values and tradition of Dario’s heritage, since his family was originally from the Langhe region.

Farm holding

The land comprises of twenty hectares of countryside with vineyards, hazelnuts, woods and meadows. The farm focuses also on extensive cultivation of hazelnuts (about 10 hectares) and produces the renowned trilobed hazelnut from Piedmont.

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